Boba Bliss at Putney High School - A Delightful Bubble Tea Tasting Event

Boba Formosa collaborated with Putney High School and curated an engaging and educational Bubble Tea Tasting Event, turning the school into a hub of delicious excitement.

Boba Formosa's skilled tea masters demonstrated the process of making the perfect cup of bubble tea. From selecting the finest tea leaves to mastering pearl brewing, participants were treated to an immersive experience.


In addition to the tasting experience; the Boba Formosa team also incorporated an educational component into the workshop. The students learned the story of bubble tea, the cultural significance of different tea varieties, and the evolution of this beloved beverage worldwide. This blend of hands-on learning and informative sessions added a layer of depth to the event, leaving participants not only satisfied but also well-informed.


Boba Formosa's bubble tea tasting event at Putney High School was a successful blend of education and hands-on experience. The students left with not only a belly full of delicious bubble tea but also a newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship behind this beloved beverage. It is clear that Boba Formosa left an indelible mark on the hearts and taste buds of Putney High School.