Are you ready to dive into the world of bubble tea and become a master mixologist/bubble tea shop owner? Join our immersive Bubble Tea Training Course and unlock your potential to create tantalising flavours that will captivate taste buds and leave your customers craving for more!

The Foundation of Bubble Tea Making:

Delve into the secrets of bubble tea craftsmanship as our expert instructors guide you through a hands-on journey. Learn the art of tea brewing, the tapioca making, alchemy of flavour combinations, and the delicate balance of texture and sweetness. Elevate your skills and take your bubble tea creations to the next level. 

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our course covers a wide range of topics, including store interior set up suggestion, tea brewing techniques, flavour combinations, backed up with our menu development, equipment selection, and efficient operations management. Gain the skills you need to succeed in the booming bubble tea industry.

Profitable Strategies and Business Insights:

Creating amazing bubble tea is just the beginning. Our comprehensive course also equips you with essential business strategies to thrive in the competitive market. Uncover marketing tactics, pricing strategies, and operational tips that will maximise your profitability and ensure long-term success.

Limited-Time Offer:

We believe in providing personalised attention, so we only have limited spots for each course session. Don't miss this opportunity to turn your passion for bubble tea into a profitable venture!

Contact us to find out more on +447916 340979 (whatsapp) or to reserve your spot today!


您準備好進入奶茶世界,大顯身手成為獨一無二奶茶店家老闆了嗎? 加入我們身臨其境的珍珠奶茶培訓課程,釋放您的潛力,創造獨特的口味,讓您的顧客流連忘返!

在我們的專業講師指導您完成親身體驗的過程中,深入了解並解鎖珍珠奶茶好喝的秘訣。 學習泡茶的藝術、珍珠的製作、飲品製作,以及如何讓飲品微妙平衡。 提升您的技能,將您的珍珠奶茶製作提升到一個新的水平。

我們的課程涵蓋廣泛的主題,包括商店規劃動線、製作飲品技術、風味組合、菜單開發和設備選擇。 讓您得以獲得在蓬勃發展的奶茶行業裡,取得成功所需的技能。


我們僅提供客製化的教育訓練,因此我們每個課程的名額有限。 不要錯過這個機會,讓我們協助您,將您對珍珠奶茶的熱情變成一項有利可圖的事業!

聯繫我們以了解更多資訊或立即致電 +447916 340979 (whatsapp)保留您的位置!